Are Companies Required to Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Arizona?

Arizona Workers’ Compensation laws require that all employers, who regularly hire workers in its customary business, are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance regardless of the number of workers they have, whether those workers are part-time, full-time, minors, undocumented, or family members.  This ensures that if an employee is injured, disabled, or killed in the workplace, compensatory benefits are available to the employee or his/her survivors.  Workers’ compensation is not the same as liability insurance, which provides coverage in the event of a non-employee injury on the premises, or medical insurance, which only covers medical bills for non-work-related conditions.  If an employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance and is not self-insured as required by law, and a worker is injured during the course and scope of his employment, the employer is classified as an “Uninsured Employer.”

Is Not Carrying Workers’ Compensation Insurance a Crime in Arizona?

Not carrying workers’ compensation insurance can lead to criminal prosecution, and your company’s owners and executives subject to fines, in addition to running significant business and civil penalties and fines.  Palmer Law Offices frequently provides legal services, advice, and counsel to uninsured contractors, employers and small businesses regarding the legal and financial risks they are exposed to by not having workers’ compensation insurance.  Our experienced and aggressive workers’ compensation uninsured defense attorneys advise potential employers as to their financial exposure and possible defenses available to them to defend and overcome or minimize any claims filed against it.

If you are worried about how a workers’ compensation claim could affect your business, talk to an Arizona uninsured employer defense attorney at Palmer Law Offices.  We are the premier workers’ compensation uninsured employer defense attorneys in Arizona and we have a history of resolving legal matters for our Clients successfully through utilizing aggressive defense strategies.  We can counsel you throughout this process so you can get your company on the right legal track and save your business.  Call us today at 602-277-2007 or contact the Firm at our website