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Glendale Personal InjuryLooking for aggressive, yet compassionate personal injury attorneys who care about their clients and their clients’ loved ones?  Look no further than Palmer Law Offices.  Our Glendale personal injury legal team have been aggressively fighting for maximum settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients for more than 30 years.  We have extensive experience participating in arbitrations, mediations, and trials before judges and juries.  We have received millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients and their families.  Our personal injury attorneys have experience dealing with insurance companies, transportation companies and defense lawyers. When you work with us, you will never need to represent yourself or deal with these entities on your own.  The time following a personal injury can be a stressful one; let our experienced personal injury attorneys at Palmer Law Offices give you the legal representation you need for your Glendale personal injury case.

“I Need a Lawyer But Cannot Afford One!”

Stop wondering whether you can afford to hire an aggressive and accomplished personal injury lawyer with the reputation for getting results for their clients for over 30 years. You can! The lawyers at Palmer Law Offices work on a contingency fee, which means we get paid a fee only when the case is won at the conclusion of either a settlement, arbitration, or verdict. There are no hidden fees or costs attached. When we win, you win! This approach allows our legal team to focus on what matters most, your Glendale auto accident, wrongful death, slip and fall, dental or medical negligence case.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

A majority of our clients are obtained as referrals from a friend, family member, or co-worker who have used our services in the past. After being fully satisfied with the results obtained in their personal injury case, they recommended our Firm. It does make a difference who you choose as your attorney through the personal injury process. We at Palmer Law Offices provide experienced and ethical representation. Whether you speak Spanish or English, regardless of your legal status, if you are injured, we are here to serve you. Our staff speaks both English and Spanish. We are very familiar with the courts in Arizona giving us the advantage of being able to obtain fair settlements easily. Our legal team is also very skilled in navigating the complex laws involving liability and insurance. We offer strong representation to Glendale personal injury victims. If you have been seriously injured, you deserve the compassionate attention of a personal injury attorney. Our goal is to help you attain fair compensation when you choose to retain our services. We will pursue justice on behalf of our clients, and we will spare no expense in holding the negligent individual or corporation accountable for its actions.

When to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Glendale Personal Injury AttorneyIf you believe you have been harmed by the negligence of another, it is important to contact Palmer Law Offices immediately. If you suffer an injury that was caused by someone else, you should not have to incur medical expenses and other costs associated with your injury. We proudly serve Glendale and the surrounding areas and our personal injury lawyers can help you file a personal injury claim for your auto accident, premises liability, medical or dental malpractice or other personal injury case. At Palmer Law Offices, our personal injury attorneys will guide you through the claims process to help you receive a settlement or verdict that will provide compensation for lost work, medical bills, and more. Our personal injury attorney team has experience dealing with insurance companies, transportation companies and defense lawyers. When you work with us, you will never need to represent yourself or deal with these entities on your own. For these reasons, it is extremely important to hire a competent personal injury law firm such as Palmer Law Offices.

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