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Prescott Valley Personal Injury AttorneyThe finest personal injury law firms possess the skill set and principles to vigorously represent their clients.  Palmer Law Offices have built a track record of success in large and small cases and have a cohesive personal injury team that are well-trained and deeply committed to providing the highest quality legal services to every Prescott Valley client.  Our local Prescott Valley personal injury legal team have been aggressively fighting for maximum settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients for more than 30 years.  We have received millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients and their families.  Since you deserve an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you and your loved ones for your car accident, wrongful death, motorcycle accident, truck accident, slip and fall accident, dog bite, and dental/medical negligence claims, then call Palmer Law Offices as we are the legal team for you!

“I Need a Lawyer But Cannot Afford One!”

We provide our legal services on a contingency basis. This means that we will not charge a fee or seek reimbursement for costs advanced unless your case is won. This approach allows our legal team to focus on what matters most, your case. Established law firms have large resources to draw from so that cases can be taken on a contingency basis. Our Firm will advance all expenses for the case and the client only pays once we win. We also provide our clients with a written explanation of the settlement or verdict amounts recovered and their distribution for the clients’ approval prior to their cases being closed.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Whether your legal status is questionable, or you do not have an Arizona drivers’ license, Palmer Law Offices is here to help you. Our legal team is bilingual speaking English and Spanish. Our personal injury legal team has been fighting for the rights of injured victims for over 30 years. The combined experience of our legal team spans many more decades. Our lawyers have litigated to successful conclusion thousands of personal injury claims. A majority of our clients are obtained as referrals from a friend, family member, or co-worker who have used our services in the past. This is testament to the results we obtain. Exceptional experience, expertise, and ample financial resources are key to winning our clients cases. Our commitment to our clients is paramount. We are passionate about rectifying the wrongdoings that cause our clients injuries. We believe in zealous and aggressive work on behalf of our Prescott Valley clients. We are also committed to a positive relationship with our clients and rendering caring and compassionate services. We will pursue justice on behalf of our clients, and we will spare no expense in holding the negligent individual or corporation accountable for its actions.

When to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you are involved in an accident or suffer injuries caused by another person or businesses negligence, you should definitely hire a personal injury lawyer right away. Sadly, we see many individuals attempt to handle their own personal injury claims and fail for several reasons. Generally, a victim of a car accident or general negligence lacks the training and experience necessary to negotiate properly with the insurance carrier and resolve the medical bills that one will generally incur as a result of medical treatment. Further, an injured victim almost always lacks the resources to retain the best experts with the knowledge and skills to prove liability and truly demonstrate the severity of the injury sustained. Quite frankly, there is no substitute for experience. The Prescott Valley legal team at Palmer Law Offices have more 30 years’ experience representing the rights of the injured and victims of negligence. As trial lawyers, our Firm is respected by insurance carriers for routinely litigating both serious and minor injury cases throughout the state of Arizona. As a result, we often obtain much better offers than law firms that do not try cases or aggressively litigate a personal injury lawsuit. The decision to hire a personal injury attorney should be made as soon as possible following the injury you sustain as a result of negligence. For these reasons, it is extremely important to hire a competent personal injury law firm such as Palmer Law Offices.

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